Go clean to get lean.  Eating whole, unprocessed foods free from refined sugars and excess salt is the way to get and maintain a killer shape and to feel good all day long.  Do you get tired at 3 and drink endless amounts of caffeine to stay up and be productive?  There is a better way.  A way that lets you eat more, feel full, and not tire.  


  • Processed food
  • High Glycemic Carbs - White breads, white pastas, white potatoes
  • Sugar drinks and refined sugars
  • Coffee
  • Sweets
  • Salt
  • Pizza

Eating healthy whole foods is how our bodies understand and digest food optimally so avoid the things that slow you down and make you sluggish.
We recommend:

  • Water
  • Chia Seeds
  • Sweet Potatoe
  • Quinhoa
  • Oatmeal
  • Chicken (organic free range)
  • Fish (The non nuclear stuff)
  • Salad (organic)
  • Nuts

The Spartan Pyramid

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SPARTAN RACE:Spartans believed while on this earth they should achieve one moment of Excellence and understood they might die trying!